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June 1st, 2011, 11:55
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The Wild Hunt is a real life myth(s) and it have been used in various novels and stories through history.

I actually expecting the explanation given by the game (minus the elves stuff).
I'm not exactly sure which path they are taking in the game. Sapkowski used a known myth and changed it in his own way, as he always did. I don't know if there's consistency between the books and the game, maybe it will be more apparent in the part III. Witcher I focused on the demonic aspect of the Wild Hunt and some ridiculous talks with the King of the Wild Hunt about destiny. Part II mentions kidnapping Yennefer by the Wild Hunt, hunting the Wild Hunt by a group of witchers, meeting the Wild Hunt and taking Geralt's soul under the Hanged Men's Tree in exchange for Yennefer. Whereas in the books, first there are descriptions of the Wild Hunt as spectral horsemen who are harbingers of war, death and misfortune. People fall victim to some kind of mass madness when they see the horsemen and join them. Geralt says to Yen in one of the stories that he was offered money to dispose of the Wild Hunt but he rejected the offer because there's no way to deal with them. Much later, in the saga — if I remember correctly — the spectres are either the way of masking the presence of ancient elves from another world in the world of the witcher or the elven horsemen from another world are mistaken for the Wild Hunt by narrow-minded peasants. Anyway, the elven "commando" is looking for Ciri through time and space, Geralt and Yen are looking for Ciri, too, and it is Ciri who is the most important.
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