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June 1st, 2011, 15:07
I've reached act 1 so have not played a huge amount; but I'm finding the controls sub standard. I could not pick up a loot bag next to a door; I could not open a door while carrying someone but if i set them on the ground and open the door; the door would close when I picked them back up before I could pass through; the symbols on the map are not obvious and not explained in the manual; combat is a haphazard mess.
Graphics are fine;
voice acting (engilsh) for the most part is fine
presentation is good
The only thing is that the controls are a huge portion of the game so these being poor have to hurt the game. Not really sure why ancient rpgs and modern fps for the most part have no issues with controls but a lot of modern rpgs just can't get them right (naturally this is an opinion as 'right' here is subjective so I should add in my opinion). I shoudl go back and play DKS and see if they do a better job
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