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June 1st, 2011, 18:54
For new players like myself (and maybe some experienced folk who missed something). Share tips and tricks or even basic necessities that you should know but aren't told to the player. also post questions to small things.

1. Food is the ideal health item as you can totally ignore the medicine tolerance issue. Pears, Juice, packaged meals and Army meals seem to give you the most health for weight.

2. Decorative Food in towns respawns at a certain distance(time?) so you can plunder between missions. Free health!

3. The bar on your starting planet has NPCs who will boost your reputation for a fee. This can make some missions a lot easier.

4. In space select the place you want to warp to on your inventory map.

5. Prices for cargo items bought and sold in space stations (like Niftidium, spices and minerals) are system specific. Station, faction and other factors do not seem to matter. This is without a doubt the quickest way to make lots of money in the game.
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