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June 1st, 2011, 19:38
The following is an opinion based on my experience.

Clunky controls system come from not enough women working on the game. For some reason, either culturally, or biologically, women seem to havea better grasp of the end user experience. And thus design the games' user interface so that as many as possible will enjoy playing the game. There's a reason that Apple's prodcucts seem to be appeal more to woman than men. (easy acces, one button etc. etc.)

Disclaimer: I know the above sound like I'm generalizing - and why, yes I am. Let me just say that both women and men who work in games, or in electronics in general, need to think about how they present their product, how their product is receieved,
how their product is operated by the end user…and that everyone can learn how to do this, not just women…

And no, imo, making a game accesible, e.g. streamlining the controls do not mean dumbing the gameplay, it just means that the game will be more accisble and fun to play.
In the Witcher 2's case, I think this also has to do with CDP RED making a complete overhaul to the game's interface when compared to the first game in the series.
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