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June 2nd, 2011, 15:49
Hmmmm, not sure if I like the red-on-purple. It clashes with your Shepard's hair. But perhaps I'll get used to it.

I tried yellow and black, orange, white and red, sky blue and white, black and neon green and umpteen other combinations of colors and patterns, but the Milka cow camo is the first pattern/color combo that actually matches my Shepard's eyes. Besides, it's funny. I like funny.

Jacob, eh? Well, I (as a guy) had a hard time deciding which one to, er, you know what. There were times when I felt slightly offended by some gals' advances, so finally I picked Jack because she was pretty much the only one who didn't badger me all the time.

My gal Shepard had no such problems ; she and Garrus were a fine match pretty much from the start.
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