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June 2nd, 2011, 22:41
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Personally I find the notion of Wild Hunt being elves invading from the world where they were never oppressed by humans rather intriguing explanation with further potential for interesting development (or something dull/clichéd, depends on execution obvs). Basically, I think it might end up being "something more", just depends on what CDProjekt will do with it.
Hard to avoid clichés to my taste. How frequent the topic of foreign invasions have grown in current days games. Could not help thinking of other games when getting this revelation.

Btw, what about the assassin who tried to kill Foltest in the first game?
That´s something which is not part of the "ongoing mystery" and it wasn´t sufficiently addressed I think (I assumed the guy was from the same school as Letho, but his relation to Letho or the party which tracked the Wild Hunt with Geralt was never explained).
Well, witchers are supposed to be on the verge of going extinct. At least for Geralt's school. Letho's school sounds in no better shape. Trouble is that Letho stated the names of the remaining Viper witchers on the path (or not) Reads like Geralt knows of the two other involved in the Kingslayer's plan, the two ones who accompanied Letho and Geralt. And the others are told to be hidding.

Where did that assassin witcher come from? Viper school does not look like a possibility if Letho is to be trusted. This said, I decided over letting him leave because I felt he had more to tell.
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