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June 3rd, 2011, 10:20
Originally Posted by borcanu View Post
well. to the narrowminded fanboys above (or just one) the future patch was announced, and what a shock, it changes the mechanics and scaling.
Nothing to do with fanboyism. Just utterance of a simple fact. Developpers answering to wrong demands to make wrong changes is nothing new.

TW series features a main character who is an exceptional figure in his game universe. The majority of tasks for this kind of characters have to be easy. Only exceptional tasks can provide challenges for this type of characters.

RP has fallen so much in oblivion that players do not even care about so petty details.

And you end with games like ME with supposedly one of the most powerful biotics unable to lift a cup of water through telekenisis.

The will to maintain appearance on RP in so called RPGs has grown into a roadblock leading to expected poor results.

Geralt is way out of league for most opponents in his universe. Just like featuring one of the best football team in the world struggling on the path up to glory against four or five division football teams.
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