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June 4th, 2011, 12:55
Originally Posted by Grimlorn View Post
I'm still making my way through the Witcher before playing Witcher 2, but hearing about this patch makes me less excited to play the game. Making the game easier? Throwing all these items at the players that ruin progression. WTH.

I mean it sounds like they've fixed some bugs, and improved other things, and nerfed some weapons which sounds good. So how am I suppose to experience a difficult game patched? Is someone going to mod the difficulty back into the game? I'd prefer to play it the way the devs originally intended, and not some nerfed version of the game or some extra super hard version of the game.
Well, it's not THAT bad - so maybe I'm not expressing myself correctly.

The items in question don't make the game all that easy, but it does mean you'll get less pleasure from upgrading as you play, as many of the items you'll find along the way won't measure up. Fortunately, we're mostly talking armor pieces - which aren't a major aspect of overall balance. Gloves and pants make a pretty neglible difference overall - but the alchemy/magic bonuses on the DLC ones are quite nice. They won't make or break anything, but they'll take away the joy of finding stuff along the way.

If they included the "Mysterious Merchant" as well, it also means you'll have access to weapons you'd otherwise have to work for, to be able to craft them.

It's just counterproductive to the obviously intended flow of the game - but it's not as bad as in Dragon Age (both of them) - where some of the DLC items were incredibly overpowered for most of the game.




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