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June 4th, 2011, 17:56
Originally Posted by Lemonhead View Post
If you think the items are overpowered just don't use them. Jeez.
First time players can hardly make an informed decision in this regard and itīs not really a kind of decision players should be making anyway.
The items themselves are not a problem, item DLCs are, because of the way they put the items into the game.
To an extent the items diminish influence of imported saves and, at least for some character builds, the gloves and the trousers are best items in their category.
Such items should not be available right at the start for free.

It may not be a big deal, but I donīt like the change of CDProjektīs attitude these and some other changes hint at.

Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
A mod to yank these items back out should be easy enough to do, but I'm also afraid to mess with mods given that the game refused to patch this time for anyone who used them.
Iīm pretty sure just removing the respective dzips from CookedPC folder should suffice and not cause any harm, at least not until another patch gets released (which may count on these being installed).
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