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June 4th, 2011, 19:11
Fight! Fight! Fight!

*grabs popcorn*

U10 has a couple of good trinkets, including one that has Greater False Life (+30hp), and another that has Exceptional CHA +1. Gonna farm for both, since Mirys could open a ring slot up with the GFL one, and Aerii will eventually like that extra CHA.

We should hit VoN3, Gateway to Khyber & Jungle of Kyber. I grabbed 1400 xp from the first quest, and so far 6,000xp from optionals. Another 15k will be mine from completion, assuming either of the two remaining red named guards or the boss doesn't kill me. And Beholders die rather well to Niac's, or in my case, Phantasmal Killer. Unfortunately, the red named one took 8 neg levels before I downed him, so I'm stuck waiting.


And I completed. 17k on completion, plus the optionals and first part, all told close to 25,000xp. Enough to hit 11, and get my minos out of the bank. Aerii now has 30 CHA, 203hp, nearly 1300sp, and brings a bit more firepower in the form of Summon Monster V. We know how good the earth eles are, and the Bearded Devil probably isn't bad. I figured on Cloudkill and Eldar's being mainly raid spells, so I went with something that can provide an immediate boost to group capability. I also took DDoor, and Frost Lance for some extra firepower.

*edit 2*

And Aerii is also now flagged for Vault of Night raid. About 12k xp on VoN4.
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