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June 5th, 2011, 04:37
Easy way to perk-up by having arcada style shooting fun

Goldin Desert

That is a good way to improve your perks without getting damaged and having hard fights with Gnows and others big guys, I've explored the SE region and reached the enclosed ground with the "uncle's buggy" and the retired canibal, as soon you get there you become attacked by those nasty flyers like in the movie Pitch Black, while at the open area there is no escape but here you can hide under the tree, talk with the old canibal, kill him and get ducked at the left fork, there you are in shelter and the flyers wont reach you anymore, so now you can change with the energy pistol to good old classic shoot'em up, call your kids to do some rounds for you, so keep on shooting, you don't use ammo and wont get hurt at all, dont shot the 2 lairs to keep em going, I made a few perks by that, so a hidden classic arcade game with good benefits
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