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June 5th, 2011, 08:59
If I could buy scrolls of DDoor, I'd never take it, just scroll-cast it. But as it is very handy to have, and no one can count on your bard or even Jo's bard being around, I think it's needed.

After some thought, I rolled a new/old character to bring up to help pace Aerii's quick leveling. With a little help from my high levels, she's decked out in Moderate Fort and a pair of Rusted Shamshirs (very nice lowbie weapons, keen scimitars). You'll recognize the name I think, and the build. Exploiter Ranger.

I made sure she had a stack of cure serious, bought an xp pot, and have been farming xp for about 10 mins. Already gotten 10k. At level 4, she has 92hp, and is cutting through medium length at-level quests in about 2 mins thanks to sprint boost. Eventually, there'll be Khopeshes instead of scimmies, but my first several feats are taken in Dodge, Toughness, Spring Attack, and Mobility, for Tempest. So it will be level 11 or so before she can take Khopesh (whenever she takes the Fighter level). I can't even fit in Power Attack, which weakens her damage output considerably.
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