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June 5th, 2011, 09:12

You know I shall reserve the right to be turned off by the lazy immersion breaker of
opening the inventory (on starting the game) and sorting through a whole wardrobe (of
formerly optional items) that Geralt happens to carry around in battle then dropping the
overpowered shit on the ground before I can continue. Lovely way to start the game
(and one which highlights are atmosphere and immersion) in character.

If thats ok with the smart-asses here

But you are right this is not such a big deal as it is thankfully doable outside the game
it seems.

The actual problem seems to be that they (CDPR) seem to knee-jerk react to all the
whining kiddies clamoring for their missing DLCs and how hard the game is and
adjusting accordingly instead of rebalancing the game on the later chapters and adding
actual content (instead of worthless mmo/Fable like gimmics like hair styles ) Not to mention that they seem to create more (serious) bugs in their rush to cater to the aforementioned crowd (if the comments on the patches are to be believed).

I am a bit concerned about what kind of game I will actually find when I eventually install it as not installing the patches is not an option afaik. At least if they do not nerf the hard difficulty setting things will be ok I hope.
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