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June 5th, 2011, 10:58

People get dlc content for Witcher 2 for free? And yet, people still complain?

If you don't like the actual dlc content, fine, then don't use it. If others are happy with it, why just let them be this?

As for adding hairstyles, many fans really to see Geralt have the same haircut as he had in Witcher 1, hence the dlc for this.

As for how hard the game is, I really can't comment, but I've seen many reviews stating the controls are horrible, the combat is not nearly responsive enough, and the UI is not as good as it was (is) in the first game. And bug-fixing always risk the creating of more bugs (in the game). That's exactly why Bioware and EA takes their time testing the patches before releasing them.
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