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June 5th, 2011, 11:14
I just tried a new game (part way through prologue) and I don't notice any improvement in the mouse/keyboard controls. I still attack the wrong person now and then, still have a problem with casting signs without a significant pause while in combat etc. Given that I am now used to the interface I don't notice any major improvement. The combat was a easier, but I think that's more because I'm now using strategies I worked out last time through (or they've made enemies weaker?). Playing on normal by the way. Had a quick look at the inventory - still disorganized. There is now a delete game "option" (i.e. press del when hovering over a save game entry), but its one game at a time, which is not that great if you have 1000 saved games - I always hate deleting games in the dir in case they are indexed in some small DB or some such.
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