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June 5th, 2011, 19:29
Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
How do you know they're not working on a more substantial DLC or an expansion? …
Where did I imply that I believe they do not ? Where did I also imply that its existence is a problem for me ? (I can indeed ignore it as easily as I did the sex cards in #1)

I was just noting their weird sense of priority and sloppy testing job (brought on by the rush to please everyone on secondary things imo).

Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
Also, the bulk of the complaints I have seen about the patch have to do with people not being able to install it …
I was referring to people having their saves overwritten and experiencing crashes after the patch…

I too am usually very lucky with game stability, should I disregard the problems others seem to get because of that ?

Look, no need to be so defensive about CDPR. I like them too and believe they have
earned the benefit of the doubt with their (admittedly limited) track record up to now.
But I am noticing a short of panic on their latest responses. Perhaps they should just
prioritize, and try to focus on the essentials first (stability, performance, quest fixes,
another one that people keep asking is resolution support, inventory management as
they themselves are seemingly not 100% happy about it etc ) ?

my 2c anyway…
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