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June 5th, 2011, 20:47
Other than the splashes which add some useful abilities, that's a lot like Wouldii. I found it to be a very solid build with only 1 drawback—you end up a little squishy to be a front line melee when you get into the teens, and have to rely on a healer since the available wands, pots, and spells just aren't enough to keep pace with the damage you take. That kinda applies to all melee types I suppose, but it's a little more "exciting" when you're rocking 300-350hp than a tankish 450-500.

You're better at toon building and those splashes will open up some toughness, damage, and UMD options that I didn't have. Running a supreme tome won't hurt, either. Combined with raid gear that you'll have/get, perhaps you'll overcome the drawback. Either way, it's a fun toon to play.
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