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June 5th, 2011, 21:44
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Other than the splashes which add some useful abilities, that's a lot like Wouldii. I found it to be a very solid build with only 1 drawback—you end up a little squishy to be a front line melee when you get into the teens, and have to rely on a healer since the available wands, pots, and spells just aren't enough to keep pace with the damage you take. That kinda applies to all melee types I suppose, but it's a little more "exciting" when you're rocking 300-350hp than a tankish 450-500.

You're better at toon building and those splashes will open up some toughness, damage, and UMD options that I didn't have. Running a supreme tome won't hurt, either. Combined with raid gear that you'll have/get, perhaps you'll overcome the drawback. Either way, it's a fun toon to play.
That 350hp is without gear. Greater False Life (30), Toughness(20), and CON+6 (60) items will push it to 460hp, no raid gear at all. A Shroud hp item (45) would push it past 500hp, with evasion and strong melee capability. My end goal is 400hp on any character I build; even Aerii; with basic gear. As a Cleric, she was rocking a hair over 400 with no raid gear, and that was 20hp down from what she could have had as a Human/Half-Elf.

The main thing is the Half-Elf race and the Barbarian Dilettante feat adds an extra 40hp from 2 extra toughness enhancements and a +1 CON enhancement. That coupled with Human Adaptability means I have +2 CON from enhancements.

The Fighter level is solely for a feat, Rogue for UMD, though I've found so far that I can handle any locks I run across despite having only 4 points + DEX mod in it. Monk could add more AC, and keep the feat bonus, but I might lose a couple hp. No big deal. As AC gear is hard to get and takes a long time to grind out, I'm not too concerned about it; this is a build focused on mobility and hit and run tactics.

The original plan was 2 levels of Rogue, to use the skill points to help keep OL up some. But that left me without Power Attack, so the Fighter or Monk level is required. The thought about OL is based on what someone else told me, though I won't claim it to be true. I was told you only need 4 points to handle any lock in the game. Again, I have no idea if it's true. So don't quote me.

The old Fireflash build was equally feat-starved, and spread the points too far apart, trying to get the skill points to keep up OL, DD, and UMD as well as Search and Spot. This kept spot, so I can know where traps and enemies are, but I won't be handling many traps. She was also 70hp down compared to the current build.
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