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June 10th, 2011, 07:54
It seems that what people want these days is scaling and perhaps big neon signs to tell
them something along the lines "THIS IS A LVL 5 MONSTER YOU ARE LVL 3 PLEASE COME BACK LATER" so they don't waste time exploring what the game has to offer
and finish up quickly( so they can get to the next shinny thing)

And yet they still complain about scaling and games being too short! (perhaps
those complaints come from a different audience though)

I think I definetely got left behind the times (a bit of a gaming dinosaur I guess ?).
But hey, if games keep "evolving" that way I predict great saves on my hardware and
software budget in the coming years (I currently struggle to find more that 2-3 games
I like per year anyway)

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