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June 12th, 2011, 02:48
I started TW2 a couple of days ago and came looking for this thread as I knew it would be here. The console nature of the interface hit me straight away. It isn't anything like the one used for Dungeon Seige 3 but it is still there.

What really gave it away is how the movement keys work.
In all PC games WASD work similar to this:
W forward, S makes your character walk/run backwards, A/D makes your character turn in that direction or strafe in that direction.

In most console games (and how TW2 works) W is still forwards (or up the screen) but S makes your character turn around and run down the screen. A/D make your character turn and run in that direction. This setup on a PC game with a keyboard is really disconcerting.
In a fight I can't make my character backup. Pressing S causes him to turn around around and run away, not what I wanted at all.

This control set up makes it more natural to play with a controller.
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