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June 12th, 2011, 10:23
In most console games (and how TW2 works) W is still forwards (or up the screen) but S makes your character turn around and run down the screen. A/D make your character turn and run in that direction. This setup on a PC game with a keyboard is really disconcerting.
In a fight I can't make my character backup. Pressing S causes him to turn around around and run away, not what I wanted at all.
It is not about controller vs QASD. It is about combat based on mobility (light armour eg) and combat based on attrition (heavy armour eg).

The Witcher is like a whirlwind (well implemented thanks to auto targeter) in a battle, moving fast to strike here or strike there to keep everyone on the backfoot and avoid being surrounded as his attrition capacity is low, the most valuable chance to survive when facing opponents that have largely superior attrition survival capacity.

Take a loot at Skyrim videos which I think were displayed on consoles. It is heavy armoured style of fighting: backwards puts the character on backpedal, mobility is tertiary importance.

Other consoles games (with controllers) have that that a character locking on a target backpedals (slow movement), when unlocked, the character runs in the backwards direction.
Other games make use of analogics control (soft pressure on stick gives the character to backpedal, heavy pressure on stick gives the character to run backwards)

It is all the issue of a game like The Witcher 2 which gives a fairly consistent version of combat based on the qualities of the character while it appears players would prefer another version, much less consistent but more suited to their tastes (id est a light fighter fighting like a heavy fighter in the present case)
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