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June 12th, 2011, 17:39
Originally Posted by pox67 View Post
What really gave it away is how the movement keys work.


W is still forwards (or up the screen) but S makes your character turn around and run down the screen.
That doesn't make it a console interface. Two Worlds controls the same way, and I don't see people claiming that it feels like a console game, just that they don't like the camera.

It sounds like you're just more accustomed to a "chase cam" where the view is locked behind you, like in the Gothic series or Elder Scrolls. I'm the same way, and so are a lot of other members here.

Originally Posted by pox67 View Post
How awkward is it in a tight room trying to get a chest highlighted to loot?
Geralt looks like an idiot as he crashes from one side of the room to the other to get the loot icon up on screen.
You don't need to move Geralt to change what's being highlighted. I was making the same mistake for awhile. You only need to change the viewing angle with your mouse. It's still not perfect, but I prefer that over wrestling with the analog sticks on a gamepad.
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