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June 13th, 2011, 15:41
Here are the mods guides I used when two months or three months ago, I started to replay Oblivon (have not done it since 2008)



I 've been replaying Oblivion in order to assess what could be expected from Skyrim.

In adding to mods recommanded in the guides( I did not use them all but the guides are very useful in terms of cosmetic mods), I used personal abodes (like Castle Hoarfrost, the 2010 award winner farm house[cant recall the name], castle SeaView, Red Rose Manour)

I used companion mods (the one I selected was the CSR reborn as it is more flexible than the other, you can recruit any NPCs with rumour flag), this in order to assess the potential of support classes.

I also used complex companions mods (five or six of them)

As a consequence, in order to avoid ganging on a lone monster, I used a mod to complement the world with enough monsters. Cant remember the name exactly but it is something like dynamic level list. Very useful and efficient. Easy to configurate. Gave crowded battle like a party of three or four against twenty minotaurs or 14 bandits.

In complement, as monsters and bandits are spawned generically, I used two other mods providing diversity in spawned monsters/bandits.

Mods driven by personal tastes:
-Patrick{something}'s bow mod: Skyrim edition: modifies bows so they deliver much more impact, allows kills in one shot [I taste playing archer type]
-Curse of Hircine reborn, (~ Morrowind's bloodMoon) allowing to contract lycantropy and play as a good/evil werewolf.
-Kvatch reborn as the city not being rebuilt over one year or more of ingame play felt inappropriate.
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