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June 14th, 2011, 22:19
I have played the demo with mouse and keyboard. First impressions are terrible because we, the PC gamers expected Diablo style gameplay. But actually there's a Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance in front of us. Actually i was getting used to the controls after a while, and I have more control over my character than a typical Diablo style RPG has. Controls also reminded me Nox. Story telling seems good so far. And characters seems interesting. Graphics are average. It's the first game that made with Onyx engine (Engine made entirely by Obsidian) By the way, I had the aspect ratio problem (4:3 or 16:10 formats not supported in the game, black bars on the screen), but with a little ini tweak I overcame that. My only remaining problem is the coridor style environments, terrible trend that came to us with Dragon Age 2. I hope it won't be the case for the full game.

Definitely not a masterpiece or something, but not terrible IMHO. Above avarage. I'm going to buy that to support Obsidian, anyway. I hope they will have the rights and money to make Icewind Dale 3 in the future.
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