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June 15th, 2011, 03:03
Originally Posted by Jack Emmert, CEO of Cryptic
As far as I can figure, Neverwinter Nights games were about Neverwinter — I have no idea why it was night time. So why not just call it Neverwinter.
Brilliant! The title got streamlined. He's earned his stock/option awards.

Even if you ignore the IP's heritage as a multiplayer game where night-time is when people are going to gather to play the game, even if you ignore the fact that the city's name, neverwinter alludes to warmth, that together they bring the image of nights that aren't cold because you're not alone, you're playing with friends. Even the most gaming oblivious salesman/marketer would realize that Neverwinter Nights is a lot catchier than just Neverwinter, it even acronyms better: NWN.

They're already making a nwn game in name only and then they don't even use the name?

The CEO claiming that he doesn't even get why it was called NWN lines up perfectly with every other newsbit on this train wreck that paints them as clueless.

Reports of the new toolset being quick to pick up and use are the first good thing I've heard about it but I wonder if they remember that near the end of bio's nwn1 development they realized it wouldn't really sell just for the toolset and online play, they needed a convincing single player campaign and that most copies never even went on-line thus proving that point?

Most people who got the 3D nwns got them for the single player campaigns and I doubt they'd be interested in a single player campaign by Cryptic(for which you have to be online).
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