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June 15th, 2011, 02:20
if we're going to quibble Neverwinter is supposed to be the name of guy that founded the town, and the reason Bio had the words Nights in it, or that it was NWN at all, was to maintain the connection to the AoL online game that didn't have a toolset at all. Can't really call it the first MMORPG, tho some people do, but it was a way to keep people on and paying those hourly fees. When they switched to a flat rate, it was everything they could do to kick them off so they cancelled the game.

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Reports of the new toolset being quick to pick up and use are the first good thing I've heard about it but I wonder if they remember that near the end of bio's nwn1 development they realized it wouldn't really sell just for the toolset and online play, they needed a convincing single player campaign and that most copies never even went on-line thus proving that point?

Most people who got the 3D nwns got them for the single player campaigns and I doubt they'd be interested in a single player campaign by Cryptic(for which you have to be online).
The push for a SP game has been answered several times in that it can be played with companions - just online.

NWN1 was going to have a SP campaign, and a good one from the looks of it, but the litigation with Interplay over stealing royalties from Baldur's Gate 2 prevented us from getting that one. You are right they planned to not ship one but ended up slapping one together in the last 6 months when focus groups proved customers were expecting one. So that's what originally got reviewed and the game got lambasted for, witht he tools virtually ignored.

As for the toolset being easy to pick up - that's one of the things I'm afraid of. I want something powerful; not simple. NWN1 was both; NWN2 was just the former. I'm afraid this one will be the latter. We already don't have the ability to make our own items.

I was going to try out Foundry in Star Trek Online but I just found out its not Free to Play.
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