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June 16th, 2011, 17:56
Time for a new Age of Decadence update, with lead artist Oscar posting about their recent progress. The headline items are a new "civil animations" system, which provides ambient animations such as merchants, workers and the like, a new composer and a new GUI under way. There's a video that shows off the new animations (and new music) and screens over at the AoD forums:
A new month, and a new update about AoD! Sorry for the late post, but we've been working hard to show you something you have been waiting to see for quite some time… In this past month, we've been working hard on the civil AI and animations. Merchants selling their goods, people walking around, interacting with each other, workers carrying crates and other stuff. Nick created the system needed for this and now we are creating distinct civil AIs, like merchants, workers, tavern patrons, blacksmiths, beggars, librarians, miners, etc. We are still working on them, right now we don't have many, but now that the basic system is down we'll continue creating more in the following month. You will also hear some great music from a new composer that is working with us. He really nailed the style and mood we want for AoD, and we are very happy to have him on board.
Also, our great 2D artist is working on revamping the interface. The goal is to make an interface with a distinct style, that shows more of the gameworld, and that works better with multiple resolutions and aspect rations, plus some customization options. It's still a work in progress, but here are some screens that shows the style we are aiming for. Any opinions and suggestions are welcomed!
Thanks GhanBuriGhan on our forums!
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