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June 17th, 2011, 01:41
I can't even believe I am seeing this. I really have to wonder what they are thinking.

A different skin is no big deal but a whole new interface style isn't going to make the game come out any sooner. Its style also reminds me of games like dungeon siege and dungeon lords, and any number of crappy action RPGs, which is to say completely awful. Even though the old interface needed work I think it looked really nice for an indie game and fit the setting.

I know many people here will tell me the game is already done but it's had no real progress in years as far as I'm concerned, and they've been saying that since this thing got announced. I see them polishing the same couple quests, reworking the same few art assets, a demo that feels very raw and unfinished with a simplified game system and GUI that needs extensive redesign (but it can't be thrown out if you want to actually finish some day). Now it's not just moving at a snail's pace but going backwards at warp speed.

I finally realized the release date would be the 5th of never a while ago, but seeing this it seems that was an optimistic estimate.
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