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June 17th, 2011, 07:19
Originally Posted by ManWhoJaped View Post
I see them polishing the same couple quests, reworking the same few art assets […]
That's because you aren't looking very hard and have made your mind up. The differences are tangible in every screen/video release.

I would accept that several years ago they jumped the gun and gave the impression of an imminent release but ever since then, they've been very careful and more information has been released than practically any other game in existence.

I could also understand some people disagreeing with their decision to go back over and polish the game but, as Vince would say, they only get one chance to release the game. Much as I'd like to play it now, it only makes logical sense.
The hardcore cRPG market will be the same size in 6 months (or whatever), their tech is already "old", so age isn't a real issue and they have no publisher to answer to. What reason do they have not to polish it further?
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