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June 18th, 2011, 06:52
CDPR's Tomasz Gop has been interviewed by VG247 about bringing The Witcher 2 to the X360, as well as some general questions on the industry:
Onto more general RPG stuff. Whats your take on the general state of choice in RPGs? Do you think choice in a lot of games is too toothless that its gentle so as to make sure players dont miss out on anything?
I always have trouble comparing CD Projekt to different developers. Weve always been confident in what were doing and the way were approaching what were doing. I can tell you that we know how we want to handle this. We want to hint at players that there might be a branch in the storyline that a different outcome depends on certain elements in the game when you meet them. But we dont think its hmm, how to put this we dont think its fair to give out everything. To make people feel spoonfed or anything like that. Were not the kind of game that does that, and I dont see us as ever doing that. So I dont think its going to happen to the Witcher franchise.
More information.
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