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June 18th, 2011, 21:47
Originally Posted by rich ruffo View Post
Most reviews i have seen are all console reviews, and we all know you have to lower your standards for those toys. Very angry at console gaming for lowering gaming quality.
I laugh at your elitist views. Ha!

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I think 7-8 is about right as a console game in the same vein as Dark Alliance. As a PC game with the DS legacy - I'd have to say 8 is too high. 7 at the most, and I'd probably rate it 6.5 myself.
And that's exactly what it is. And it does this quite well! On the Xbox 360 (one of my "toys" lol), the controls are pretty much flawless, one of the best I've experienced on the platform (a few camera issues aside). It is paced well, the story is interesting and the graphics are pretty good.

So it is linear… as far as I'm concerned, it is supposed to be that. And I love it for it! I don't get this "it needs to be open world or it sucks" attitude. Sometimes I want the former, sometimes the latter. The platformers we used to love in the '80s were linear to the extreme. So? Anyhow, it's a mindless hack-and-slasher, as most of them are. And that's what I want to play sometimes as opposed to The Witcher 2 or some of the other "deeper" games.

Compared to DS1 and DS2? I wouldn't know. I do smell their influences in the art and level design.
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