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June 18th, 2011, 22:52
Linearity of DS3 is only one problem. DS2 had so much more going for it in this way, though. It had HUGE expansive levels with a ton of worthwhile backtracking - many interesting puzzles and secrets to be found.

My primary issues are about simplistic character mechanics, limited selection of classes with no gender option, inflexible multiplayer options, lack of ability to take your character through the game at progressively higher difficulty levels - increasing longevity, relatively short length, counterproductive focus on story given the multiplayer legacy of the franchise, simplistic loot diversity, lack of strategic gameplay, unforgivably poor mouse/kb implementation, checkpoint saving, low-res textures on PC, and more.

In short, Obsidian completely ignored the history of the franchise and they just didn't get the strengths of Dungeon Siege.

What they DID do instead, was create a decent little timewaster hack/slash with a good story.

That's fine, but they should have called the game something else.




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