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June 19th, 2011, 00:01
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
See, i have no trouble taking the game on it's own. It probably helps that I was craving for a game like this. I have played both DS1 and 2, the first one almost to the end before I lost interest. They are not really the same, DS3 and it's prequels, but so far it is a very competent game for what it tries to do, I.e. admittedly console hack and slash. That has nothing to do with less quality, but yet I feel the same neurons firing when playing this. Calling this simplistic is just perspective. I could be much simpler and I do recall people complaining about 1 & 2 that the game almost "played itself". Don't suddenly pretend the first games were deep experiences, because they were not. They were mindless hack and slash just the same. This has better story and dialogue. Can't comment on the skills/talents/proficiency system yet.

Seriously though? No gender choice? Who fucking cares, it's a hack and slash.
The first game was crap, in my opinion - but it had some strengths that should have been kept intact.

The second game is vastly more deep and complex than you give it credit for, and I doubt you've really played it - or you should be remembering it better. DS2 is a fantastic hack/slash game - end of story.

It's fine that you like DS3 for what it is, but don't get upset because other people have higher demands

I happen to like investing myself even in a hack/slash game, and for that - I don't like playing female characters. It doesn't work well for me.

So, I fucking care.




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