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June 19th, 2011, 20:40
Hope everything turns about well for you, cm. We ran the VoN flagging quests twice to get about a dozen different characters ready for the raid. We'll have to catch you up on your various toons.

I fired up a couple hours ago, intending to do another Deeps run with Bot. Just couldn't get up the enthusiasm. Switched over to RhoGu, figuring I'd do some more work on his solo Sentinels run. Again, just no excitement. Jumped over to Shadohe, thinking it had been a while since I'd worked in the Desert. I needed to wrap up the explorers and maybe catch a rare or two, but not following my usual circle. Not really much commitment to specific goals, but it was something different to do. Hit the mephit and had a quick thought, "Wouldn't it be funny…". Open the chest, and there it is. Chalk up 2 Bloodstones for dte!

edit- since I was on a loot roll, I ran Bot. Chalk up the 2nd half of the Sacred set! Only repeated Deeps 6 times to get it, too… BTW, I've found a combination that would allow 4 complete sets at the same time. It's tempting to farm Deeps a little more to complete that 4th set, but not now. Anyway, the combo is: Sacred (hat, ring) + Siren (necklace + belt) + Vulkoor's Might (bracers + gloves) + Marshwalker (boots + ring). All Bot is lacking is the belt.
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