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June 19th, 2011, 23:06
Speaking of…

I think we need to decide what areas the group is going to do together and then we can avoid those areas when running solo or with small groups (so we don't have to start a series over to catch people up). I believe Az has the goal of getting flagged for all the raids, which probably isn't a bad plan. We also need to consider special loot (ala Desert Bloodstone runs) to decide what makes sense to group up on and what can be left to individuals.

My thoughts, certainly open for discussion:
-Red Fens. Any additional set item runs can be done individually.
-we're all flagged for the VoN raid (assuming we get cm caught up). I'd like to run that raid at least once with at least 1 toon with the full group since I've never run it and would be very uncomfortable being a total noob in a PUG.
-Lordsmarch 1&2: decent XP, special loot, group should run
-Desert: Although there's good loot to be had, I'd probably leave this one to individuals. That means we don't get flagged for DQ.
-GH: good XP, good raid, group should run
-Sentinels: special loot, but the group has pretty well passed it by level-wise. Individuals.
-Necro series: within the group we've got people needing everything from Necro1 to being ready for Necro4. There's excellent XP to be had and Minos to get, but it seems most people don't need their Silver Flame necklace upgraded that badly. Probably leave this one to individuals, even though I personally want to get somebody to the end of the series some day.
-Meridia/Shroud: save for the group
-Ataraxia: individuals
-Sorrowdusk: we've mostly passed it by and completion status in the group is very scattered. Individuals.

We can address the rest of the higher level stuff later, I suppose. With VoN pretty well done, I'm guessing we'll tackle Lordsmarch next? Thoughts?

edit- also, when are we going to run our high levels again? I figured we'd blow the dust off them when Harbinger 2 gets released, but we ought to run Harbinger 1 as a group to make sure everyone is ready to go. Might throw a little variety into our sessions. It's been a while since we've farmed the Inspired Quarter, too.
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