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June 20th, 2011, 23:20
Update 10 is live, remember to log in an update the client.

Remember that we have 5 TRs to account for, all of which could use the massive xp that quests such as Wiz King offer. Also remember that some very good loot comes from the DQ raid, even if the drops never actually happen. Particularly for melees, and one item that every caster should aspire to.

Skipping the Desert means that pretty much Lordsmarch is our best xp area to hit, and farming THAT has already worn even more thin on me than Desert quests; I may be up to 60 runs or so total on Mirys trying for the Maenya's Fists (again).

We can start a VoN group, we only need two high-WIS characters, which we can provide easily enough, and two high STR ones for levers and one trap critter. Rest just bring the pain. I know it well enough I believe to coordinate it, though there's nothing there either of my lowbies want particularly. Maybe the Kundarak Goggles for Fireflash, but I think I'll outlevel them quick enough.

We can just do Necro III to get the necklaces upgraded, we don't have to do I or II. Granted, III is a pain, but Abbot is worse.
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