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June 21st, 2011, 02:03
Thing is, other than Bot and Corwin's bard, the group is already level 11 and 12 (and Bot is almost certain to hit 11 Friday if he runs). Aerii's already pushing lvl 13. Fireflash was supposed to slow your progress down, but she's already well into lvl 11. We're getting close to being level-appropriate for GH and we haven't even touched the Desert or Lordsmarch. I know we figured the TR's would lag, but that doesn't seem to be the case so far. Based on that, I figured it was an either/or situation. My thought was that special loot from quests was more reliable than special loot from rares, and we'd get more XP in the process (since there's no loot-based reason to actually do all 6 quests in the Desert).

I thought the Necro necklace went up 1 level per series completion. So, if someone that hasn't finished Necro 2 (having a lvl1 necklace) jumps to Necro3, they'll only end up with a lvl2 necklace. They would then run Necro3 again to upgrade to a lvl3 necklace. Isn't that right? We'd be signing up to run the 5 Necro3 quests at least 2 times each, and possibly 3.
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