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June 22nd, 2011, 00:03
The whole interview is full of hilarious quotes like that. Pretty much the entire page 2 with his essay on buggy games takes the cake. Like his view on bug-fixing which is according to him "boring production stuff y'know". Um. Yes we do know, Nate. It explains a whole lot regarding the piss poor track record of your company with regard to bug-free games.
Sheesh. One thing is for sure: This interview never went by a publisher or marketing person for approval.

More unfiltered comedy gold below…

Eurogamer: Is there any aspect of the game that you'd like to have spent a little more time on, given the opportunity? Not everybody seems to be happy with the loot system…

Nathaniel Chapman: I think our loot system has a lot of strengths but one of the weaknesses is that it's not very clearly communicated what each of the stats does… I think having a more fleshed-out tutorial system for the stats and what they do and how they function would be a nice thing. Having more unique armour variants too. It's always good sequel or DLC material.

[Note: Underlined formatting done by me.] Is this guy for real? I mean you got to appreciate the openness and honesty but whatever happened to the concept of fixing stuff via, you know, patches. Maybe even go really old school and make it a free patch. OMG! What a concept!

Eurogamer: You weren't worried about a backlash from the series' core PC fanbase?

Nathaniel Chapman: Honestly, we were less worried about that aspect of it. Actually this is one thing I would have liked to have spent more time on, and we are actually spending time on now.
LOL. - Again: The honesty is appreciated, Nate, but has it ever occurred to you that admitting that the PC was quite literally an afterthought is not exactly going to cheer up your (or the franchise's) loyal PC fan base? You can't say that publicly. Shut up!
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