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June 22nd, 2011, 06:21
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Your right but I and others dont have to like it even if we only make up 20% of there sales. Unfortunately I have started to give up on even the remotest possibility that a AAA title will ever cater to my specific needs again. Ranting and raving about big companies wanting to sell millions of copies and thus catering to much less sophisticated audiences is just a waste of my energy.
I came to the same conclusion after buying The Witcher 2. The funny control scheme in it reminded me of console games but it shouldn't have been in a supposed PC exclusive. The monitor resolution thing annoyed me as well.
This annoyed me as well: Skyrim_to_be_Really_Accessible_Consoles_are_Lead_P latform

I then took a look at the up coming games and realised that there was nothing on the horizon that would cater for an old school RPGer. I like complexity, I like it right from the beginning, I like to actually learn a new system as I play a game, I like being confused and figuring it out.

Once I understood that games became dead to me. I still have some GoG games to go through but my focus started to wander.

What to do now with my spare time…I always wanted to play piano or learn a language.
I decided on piano first and have been reading music theory books for the last couple of weeks and loving it I am learning a new system!
I will pick up a cheap second hand keyboard soon. I hope I like the practice as much as the theory.
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