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June 22nd, 2011, 12:54
This is the status for both my toons:
Peterp: Level 11 FvS, halfway to 12
Peters: Level 11 paladin, just turned level 11

My FvS will become much more powerful when he gets level 12 and can select blade barrier as a spell. Casting empowered and maximized blade barriers can really help the group. He will also get the second tier of is Angel of Vengeance prestige class. At level 12 I think he can solo a lot of things.

My paladin is doing decent damage, but it's hard to solo due to only being able to hit one monster at a time. Can easily take out each monster, but can be overwhelmed with groups of monsters.

Both my toons are now able to start using nice items acquired in high level quests like the minos helmet and tier 3 necro necklace. My toons only lack the raid loot and greensteel items. My experience so far is that this doesn't matter for the quests up to about Amrath. My toons perform well in the quests they do at level. I also think our guild group does well with quests we try at level.

The main reason we do well is that we know the quest well so we can prepare properly. One reason we failed in Amrath was because these quests were new to us and we didn't know what to expect. I remember we struggled with quests before in e. g. giant hold, reavers refuge and similar places, but eventually we managed to succeed.

I think the healers do well in the group even without raid loot. If you have a decent build you have the buffs and heals we need so bad effects are dealt with quickly. Our main weakness in the guild group has been that we didn't have a killer caster, but that is fixed now with Aerii focusing on cold spells and the spells working differently after U9. As long as we play as a group and have most classes covered (melee, divine, caster, rogue) we can do every quest in the game at level, some even on hard or elite. It's only raids we can't do because we're too few.

I even think Corwin's wizard and sorcerer will benefit from Aerii's experiences so we can expect e. g. a fire savant from Reywindd following a sound build for dealing out a lot of damage.

So I think we should not be afraid of trying out any quests. I agree with Azraelck that if we had had greensteel items plus raid loot then we could have done even better. Eventually our toons will reach the vale and get flagged for the Shroud. Then we can collect stuff for the greensteel items. I have a loot of ingredients for greensteel items on my existing high level toons and also the 2 TR's. So I can shuffle these to probably get tier 2 stuff for some toons. I've been too lazy to do it until now because I feel it's rather complicated to build the stuff.

So when we will try out Amrath next time we will make sure we have greensteel stuff and raid loot. It's probably expected you have such stuff when playing there. That's another reason why we failed the quests there.

For areas I think we should definitely do these as a group:
- Desert (starting there now to get slayers, explorers, rares and also quests for flagging). I think getting flagged for the raid is important so those of us who think pug's is ok can get the raid done. This area is great for XP and even loot (spectral gloves, firestorm greaves, bloodstone etc.). I propose we begin here because we are now level 11+.

- Gianthold. Same reason as for desert. Since the area is about level 14 I think we can do it after we have completed the desert.

- Lordsmarch. I think we should do this one too for the XP and loot. We know the area well and it's not too hard for us. We can alternate between the desert and lordmarch before we do GH.

- Necro 3 + 4. I think we should consider doing these quests areas too. Not necessarily for loot, but for XP. The TR's will need more and more XP compared to the regulars and we really notice the difference now. So I will certainly do the necro quests because they're not too hard (only long and dull). It's possible we can do it individually or in sub groups (e. g. 3-4 guildies with henchies).

Ataraxia is probably something we can run individually and in sub-groups.

Sorrowdusk has been done by subgroups for both my toons. I did a complete elite run with my paladin and Mariainelle in a pug. That was not too hard.

One of the benefits of being in a guild is that you can get help to complete quests you can't do yourself so I think it's good to form subgroups to complete e. g. necro 3 quests even though the full guild will focus on the desert, lordsmarch and gianthold in the nearest future. This is exactly what we did when the first toons we brought to level 20.

Are there any areas we should avoid alltogether like Threnal?
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