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June 22nd, 2011, 14:44
Why is it that ALL indie developers must be fueled by a passionate fire of the art?

Maybe they've just carved out a market segment where they can exist, without having to be part of the regular job market. Maybe they simply enjoy the autonomy and the ability to be so much in control.

If you keep making the same game over and over and over, I fail to see how that makes you a truly passionate artist.

Maybe you have to be passionate to start out in this business, and actually get your first few projects launched and set up shop. But if you can make a reasonable living reiterating the same stuff with largely the same assets, many people will do that - because it's simply easier.

It doesn't mean Vogel is chasing the money - but it also doesn't have to mean he's chasing the ultimate game design. I certainly don't see it.




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