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June 23rd, 2011, 12:00
Well, I remember these corridors, too, but on the other hand there also were tiny "communities" there - that of the Dwarves, and that of the evil Throgs and their smaller counterparts, the Shargas - of which ione particular Sharga wanted to travel with the hero ! - as far as I can remember.

There were a few easter eggs in the game as well - like a mighty dagger in the beginning (hidden behind a few bricks) and a giant Sharga.

And yes, it's essentially nothing but a massive "dungeon crawl".

The spell casting system was something I haven't found in any game so far - Arx is the game that comes closest to what I have in my memory.

My personal favourite of the game is, however, the novel "thera Awakening", which tells the story of the Goddess names Thera who awakes hundreds or thousands of years before the game takes place. It marks the very first and tiny step of her and her Champion (the character you play i the game) finally succeeding.

As a kind of easter egg, only understandable to those who have read the book, there are a few bones and remains which can be found in the deepest part of the fortress ? called Stonekeep - just one or two levels before you face the end boss himself : These remains are the remains of Thera's very last High Priestess and her lover, who had battled her way to defeat the end boss - but were defeated by him (or nother adversary) only shortly before they could succeed.

The protagonast of the book, Rathe, is the son of her, and he is the very last person to be on Thera's trail, so to say, because *all* temples of her had been destroyed - and those of all other gods as well.

In the book, however, he manages - with some help - to restore the very first of her temples again.

The book itself is really nothing very good. It's a nice story, and not really worth the money - but I'm totally in love with it. There are a few books I've read in my live which went straight to my heart, so to say, and this is one of them. Because it is book filled with the theme of healing - in one way or another.

What is hinted at is a different thing . The world of Stomnekeep is basically a kind of "Fallout setting". The COMPLETE civilizations have been bombed back thousands of years into the beginnings of civilizations. The world is devastated by huge magic, and the last remains of the former civilizations live in deep fortresses.
And in a few villages, if I understand it correctly.

In the boo,, for example, there is a "woodcutter season" (as I cal it), where woodcutters go out and fetch wood. They trade with Throg villages and with villages of "wild men", so to say.

Needless to say that almost everything on the surface is composed of woods and of the free spaces between the villages.

And during the winters they live in the fortress, with the help of the Dwarves who usually love deep underground, farming mushrooms. A dwarf who likes to see the sun and likes travelling on the (dangerous) surface is a real rarity there.

Apart from "Thera Awakening" there is another novel out there, it's "The Oeath Of Stonekep" of hich I know absolutely nothing.

And then there are somewhere on the inernet the remains of a second game called "Godmaker", because the evil sun god is gone, then.
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