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June 23rd, 2011, 22:56
You've got 4-5 toons in the group's level range now. With everyone into lvl11, you could even start running your cleric if you wanted to. Either you're going to be a very busy little beaver, or you'll have to pick 2-3 that you enjoy and focus on them, though.

You can run Ataraxia, Red Fens, and Sorrowdusk until your fingers bleed. We probably need to determine your VoN status and make sure you're flagged on the toons you want eligible.

It appears to me that we're going to start the Desert tomorrow. The desert quests aren't sequenced chains like Necro, Sorrowdusk, and Delera, so people can muck around in the area as much as they want as long as they're willing to re-run quests so that everybody in the group gets everything.

Running Ataraxia (mostly), I got Rhogu just into level 12 and Bot barely into level 11. They've pretty well caught up to Shadohe, who's about half way to level 13. All three toons have put a just tiny scratch in the Desert R/E/S. Unless the group has specific needs (such as a quest that requires a genuine trap monkey), I will probably focus on Bot. Unlike RhoGu and Shadohe, Bot is painfully awful to solo. Maybe that will change once he gets blade barrier and can do the Chinese Firedrill, but I haven't actually done his level-up yet to see how that pans out. The group needs a healer and I'm starting to get comfortable with the role anyway.
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