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June 24th, 2011, 19:35
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Yeah, uh, this one kinda got away from me. It's not even the longest review I've ever done for GameBanshee (I think that's Drakensang: The Dark Eye), but my reviews recently have been shorter since I know people aren't waiting to read pages of me ranting.

But Wotcha 2I dunno, I just felt that since it's been a while since release and it's a noteworthy title, I'd go full bore and talk about *everything*.

I'm a pretty fast writer once I get started. A few hours for a review like this. Of course, I don't write a review before I've given the game enough playtime, so (like Alpha Protocol), I gave it two full playthroughs before putting the pen to paper, 50 or so hours.

It's funny that you mention notes. I wasn't originally scheduled to review this game, Buck was going to do it, but he's been working 60 hours per week on various subsites so it wasn't exactly easily to schedule in. So the assignment shifted to me (by my request), but I hadn't take any notes, where I usually have a page or so of them :/ Instead, I just debated the game in chat with Buck and others to make sure I covered every significant note. Still worried I missed some things. I hate working without notes.
Yes, your reviews are lenghty but I like that. I read them whether I've played the game or not. You touch pretty much every pluses and minuses about the game you review in a role player perspective. Also I find them unbiased (some reviewers have some heavy biases about modern RPGs). Actually, I convert them to Word format and print them on paper to read. Don't try to "dumb down" your reviews by shorting them. Keep up the good work. I'm also waiting a Dungeon Siege 3 review from you.
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