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June 25th, 2011, 00:57
Personally I don't find lengthy reviews very useful as a means to decide whether I want to buy a game or not.

If I'm interested in the game I become restless and I prefer to play the game instead of reading about it, if I'm not interested I don't want to spend the time doing either and if I'm undecided I just jump to the conclusion straight away so I can get an answer as soon as possible.

I find myself enjoying such reviews after I have actually started playing and I want to take a break without actually being 'away' from the game.

Then again that might just be me but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

It also seems to me that reviews, especially on the internet, very often are used by people to corroborate their own pre-established opinions… which doesn't seem right to me. I get that from comments I read on reviews by people who often mention whether they agree or not with the reviewer's assessments (which points to a familiarity with the game) instead of expressing appreciation or disappointment for being helped to take the right or wrong decision. I somehow feel that lengthy reviews tend to reinforce that tendency because they go on greater detail instead of just providing the big picture.
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