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June 25th, 2011, 04:36
Originally Posted by Demiath View Post
This sale started exactly one day after I had already payed for a retail copy of DKS to be delivered to my home address (a mere $10 for the PC version and no shipping costs, but still…). And since I'm a Steamoholic who thinks having to put a physical DVD into an actual disc drive is a crime against humanity, I bought the downloadable version too. Guess the retail copy will have to be my unsealed collector's item, then…
When you boot the game off the desktop shortcut, does it force a boot of Steam?

Some games - i.e. Borderlands (Steam version) - if you don't have Steam open at all and you just boot the game from its desktop shortcut, it'll only boot the game up.

I'm asking b/c of this comment Larian made…
The DRM on the current steam version is only Securom, not Steam and Securom combination. The only difference is that you download it via the steam client.

But as some people here have stated in several threads: you can start div2 DKS even when Steam is offline \:\)
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