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June 28th, 2011, 00:04
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Very good review from the last readable American newspaper. When I was in the US the last time in 08 I was stunned how bad most papers in America have become. Especially the local press is a sorry excuse for printing ads. Most striking though was the fact that nearly the complete right wing press must have got any journalistic standards amiss.

And USA Today is , well USA Today :-(
Speaking as a former newspaper reporter, you're absolutely right. American journalistic standards have gone straight down the toilet. Local newspapers -- and local news in general -- are dead. The consolidation of news media and the Internet have killed local news and eviscerated newspapers, which had been the last holdout for real news during my lifetime. Now all we're left with are opposing partisan talking heads yelling at each other on the television, which now passes for balanced reporting, or yelling alone into the ether about ideological issues that have little practical effect on people's daily lives. It's sad and more damaging to our democracy than most people realize.

The USA Today has always been drek.
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