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June 29th, 2011, 10:09
The First Templar has been reviewed at Worthplaying, where they weren't particularly impressed. The score is 5.8/10 due to a list of shortcomings. A bit on the RPG elements:
Despite what the box description says, The First Templar is more of an action game than an RPG. Your player is equipped with various attack types, and there's a combo system. Experience is gained after the conclusion of every fight or after the completion of any quest, but it is used as currency to buy more health orbs or learn more combos and defensive moves instead of for character advancement. You can find and assemble different pieces of armor and weapons, but they're merely cosmetic changes as opposed to actual combat benefits. Game progression is split up into levels instead of being one big, seamless experience, and you even find certain items that only last for as long as the level does. Aside from the experience, the only RPG-like mechanic is the presence of side-quests that pop up alongside your main quests in a given level.
With plenty of RPG aspects missing, it's the combat system that proves to be somewhat interesting. It's a bit free-flowing in that you never really lock on to an enemy. The game sort of gravitates you toward an enemy when you attack, almost letting you take care of large mobs by yourself without much trouble. Your defenses are limited to tumbling, but things open up when you're on the ground since you can actually roll around to avoid ground strikes. It's not exactly the deepest hand-to-hand combat system out there, but it is enjoyable on a basic level.
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