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June 29th, 2011, 13:14
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
That is something I also agree with - he obviously tried to nuance things by stating something that is factually correct but irrelevant in practice. I have played the 'normal' Mac and PC version, the one from the Mac App Store, and the iPad version. For the way I play (standard resolution, no mods, etc) the games are identical. And I assume that is true for the majority of gamers who play his stuff.
Truth be told, if I was to play Avadon - I'd definitely prefer the iPad version, because it's not the kind of game that I need to immerse myself in. It's more about old-school gamey stuff than being transported to another world.

So, in several ways, I actually perceive the iPad version to be the one to go for.

The difference between the iPad (or any tablet) and a Smartphone - to me - is very significant. I see it as a good platform for a certain type of game, and Avadon fits the bill very nicely.




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