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June 29th, 2011, 13:29
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Very much agree. One of the most heated arguments Vogel and I had was when I stated that based on the experience I had gaming on the iPad and with Avadon on two platforms, I felt that the iPad version SHOULD be my favorite and went on to detail the reasons it wasn't yet and the things that would make it so. In the end it DID become my favorite version.
It just seems to be the perfect game for this platform.

I wonder if you can understand how I can be "platform neutral" and yet see the tablet/smartphone market as a danger to enthusiast gaming?

Hey - I'm one of those horrible RPG fans!

I agree - but one of the difficulties being an infrequent vistor here is that regardless of the game there is a mass of discord and hate piled upon the game. I know - you see that about ANY game, but given how our genre (cRPG) has been marginalized and you have people like Microsoft/EA/Ubisoft/Crytek really looking for excuses NOT to deliver anything to the PC well, I don't know the right approach.
We have no approach beyond speaking our minds. The majority decides what will happen, as long as money is the guiding light. The only power we have is to articulate our standpoints with as much effort as we can, in the hope that some people agree and the word will spread. But it's a pathetic effort, as we're not really "right" about anything - as gaming tastes invariably differ.

The only approach I've found that I'm comfortable with is to try and make my own damn game, and it gives me peace knowing that I'm working on something and not just consuming.




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